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Hybrid power systems

Hybrid systems combine several electricity production and storage pieces to meet the energy demand of a given facility or community. In a system such as this, PV arrays, wind turbines, and generators can be added as needed to meet growing energy demands and fit the local geographical and temporal constraints. These systems are ideal for […]

Nuclear energy as a zero-carbon solution

The immensely popular television series Chernobyl has brought back into memory the dangers of nuclear power and reminds us of the effects that nuclear disaster can have. Having occurred over 30 years ago, the Chernobyl nuclear incident changed the way we look at nuclear energy today. The subsequent Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in 2011 […]

5 Barriers in the Development of a Smart Grid:

1.        Electricity can be inexpensive and perhaps undersold when you consider the effects of climate change. Relatively speaking, in many countries, the cost of electricity is considered pretty low. That isn’t to say that costs haven’t been rising, or that they don’t fluctuate, but on the whole, electricity is undersold when taking […]